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Samsung Branch Intends to Create Its Own Foldable Panel for Mobiles

Samsung is a gigantic corporation that has several affiliates and subsidiaries. One of them is the renowned Samsung Electronics, the branch that designs and develops the Galaxy mobile series, and another is Samsung Display, the department that produces screens for mobile phones, as well as TVs, monitors, and so on.

Now, a new report that surfaced in South Korea, Samsung Electronics intends to design and manufacture its own foldable panel, without the help of Samsung Display. The decision was allegedly made in order to lower the cost of the display and to sell the technology at a more affordable price in the future.

According to a report from ETNews, the mobile department at Samsung Electronics contacted a few foldable glass manufacturing companies. This way, the tech giant can enhance the competition between suppliers and lower the costs while the technology enhances with time.

Lower Price, Improved Quality

At the moment, a mobile device like the Galaxy Z Flip has an incredibly thin glass display that has the ability to bend rather than break simply because of its thinness.

Still, Samsung Electronics believes that with its current provides network, it can be able to get a thicker panel that will come with fewer wrinkles and creases when it is folding, as per Samsung Display. In terms of price, the foldable screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is at the moment around $40, while a typical tempered glass in regular mobile devices is $2.

The aim of this in-house contest is for Samsung Electronics to lower the costs and the workload of the panel’s division shoulders, while maintaining the high-quality and performance of the internal technology, in a similar way it does with the camera setup or the metal casing of the smartphone.

A GSM Arena editor has recently tried to replace the protective glass in front of the camera, but the process was reportedly painstaking. We can only imagine how much more expensive the fixing process of the phone would have been if it had broken on the inside.



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