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iPhone SE 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy A51 – Best Specs, Features and Improvements Comparison

People are currently getting more and more interested in mid-range phones, as they tend to come will all of the features of more expensive phones, but at a much more accessible price. In this article, we are going to look into the newest mid-range lineup from Samsung and Apple. To be more specific, we are going to look at the Samsung Galaxy A51 and the iPhone SE 2.

To start with the American competitor, Apple has some amazing features on their side. They have behind them the brains of the hit smartphone iPhone 11, the A13 bionic CPU, but all of these come in a significantly smaller case, which is sure to appeal to some of the more nostalgic iPhone users, who long for the days when they could fit the phone in their hand. Samsung, on the other hand, presents a borderless phone with an impressive 6.5 inches screen. The A51 has a fingerprint reader and an astonishing 5 cameras, so this phone is sure to appeal to amateur photographers, which there are a lot of in the days of social media.

Initially, you might fall under the impression that this battle is not a balanced one. The A51 comes at a cheaper price and is a much more powerful one. Well then, what else is there to say? Actually, the iPhone SE 2 has a lot of unexpected advantages over Samsung’s product.


The iPhone SE 2 has an A13 bionic CPU, just like the iPhone 11. With a 4.7 inches retina IPS LCD display, a 12 MP main camera able to film in 4K at 60 fps with a 7 MP front camera. Additionally, the iPhone SE 2 also brings a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a 1821 mAh battery and is resistant to both dust and water, according to its IP67 certification. The iPhone SE 2 is available from 399 USD.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy A51 has a 6.5 inches Infinity-O screen, 4 main cameras of 48 MP, 12 MP, respectively 5 MP, as well as a front 32 MP camera. The phone has a much stronger battery of 4000 mAh and a fingerprint sensor just under the display. The Samsung Galaxy A51 comes at a much lower price than the iPhone SE2, available from an accessible 272.99 USD.

iPhone SE 2 and Samsung Galaxy A51: Design

Initially, the difference in size between the phones pops to mind. The Galaxy A51 wants to compete with the best phones on the market, while the iPhone SE 2 tries to remain discreet, at the size of the previous Apple release, the iPhone 8. The differences between the Apple product and the Samsung product are enormous, so the choice simply boils down to what the consumer wants.

Both products look quite nice, but it is the iPhone SE 2 that wins this category by far. It feels amazing in your hand. Everything is handy, and, honestly, returning to a screen under 6 inches feels great.

Design-wise, the Galaxy A51 is the best device for social media. It has a large screen, which feels good whenever you are browsing a social network or YouTube. Besides, you can essentially take any photo you want with the 5 cameras and cool features that Android 10 provides.


We cannot afford to ignore that the iPhone SE 2 is more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy A51 by over 100 USD. The financial aspect is definitely an important one for consumers. These two phones are both mid-range class, but they are still incredibly different from each other. In the end, the choice between Samsung Galaxy A51 and iPhone SE 2 all boils down to personal preference.



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