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Samsung Galaxy Buds: The New Model Will Probably Have the Noise Cancellation Feature

In case you don’t know, Samsung Galaxy Buds are on the list of the best true wiles earbuds, and they want to release a new version of them.

It’s all confirmed, thanks to an FCC filing for a “Bluetooth headset” from Samsung. Rumor has it, and they will have a noise-canceling feature, just like Apple AirPods Pro has.

We do not know much when it comes to specs, but we do know that there’s a release date. CES 2020 is on its way towards us, it’s just a matter of weeks, and we may see the new wireless earbuds uncovered to the world there, in Las Vegas.

The last Galaxy Buds were launched together with the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10e. we know we are getting Galaxy S11 this February, but we may have to wait a little bit more time to get the Galaxy Buds+.

What about the design?

As said before, we don’t know much about the design, but it’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ could have the same, almost identical design as their predecessor. We’ve heard of the same pill-box style charging case, from where we get the buds. It might also be the same pearlescent material, which will get the same touch controls as the first Galaxy Buds.

But there will be one difference: they might not get the rubber wingtips as we got on its predecessor, but they might be included as extra for those who want them.

Of course, there will probably be the noise cancelation feature present, which makes it a complete competitor for the AirPods Pro. This feature is truly amazing, but that does mean that there will be a higher price. So brace yourself: they will cost more than $149.





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