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Samsung Galaxy Buds X: All You Need to Know About the Bean-Shaped Device

Samsung wants to release a new pair of truly wireless earbuds. They have the codename “Bean,” and they will be quite different than the other Galaxy Buds. According to a new report, these earbuds will hit the market like the Samsung Galaxy Buds X. This name has already appeared in the original observed IP documentation.

Are the new earbuds still under the Galaxy branding? It seems so!

According to some sources, Samsung has already submitted an application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office. As the trademark registration shows, the Galaxy BudsX will hit the market soon. The earbuds represent the successor of the Galaxy Buds+, but they will be different when it comes to experience. But there is one teeny-tiny detail that had the fans confused.

There’s no sign of the “Galaxy” brand on the trademark registration. The company will probably not release the earbuds without the Galaxy branding. It’s the biggest thing from their portfolio. It’s been two years since Samsung started to sell all the products under the Galaxy brand name, and everything works just fine, there’s no news of a significant change.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds X will be the successor of the original Galaxy Buds

We have heard that the Galaxy Buds X series will be marked with the model number SM-R180. The name of the model suggests that the earbuds will be the first true successor to the original Galaxy Buds, the ones with the model number SM-R170. The difference is huge, however. The soon-to-hit-the-market device will come with a design that’s similar to the kidney beans. This is why the product is codenamed Bean. According to some reports, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Buds X will be below $150. We cannot wait to get our hands on them!



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