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Samsung Galaxy Fold vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Which Is Worth Buying?

Foldable smartphones are no longer just a dream of fans and the industry alike, as Samsung announced the second generation of foldable smartphones from Samsung is upon us.

Even though Samsung manufactures both devices, they are very different in the matter of what they are built to achieve.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a premium foldable smartphone aimed towards the average consumer. Its flip phone design solves the problem of the current generation of smartphones’ size.

The Galaxy Fold costs significantly more money, but there’s no denying how amazing and useful its 2-in-1 design is. The Fold can be used as both a regular Android phone and a mini-tablet. Even though it’s overall bulkier and heavier, it packs plenty more features than the Z Flip.

The more logical purchase

To be fair and cut the chase, the Galaxy Z Flip is the best choice for the average user, and there are a few reasons for this.

First of all, the form factor of the phone makes it overall more practical. When it’s opened up, the Z Flip looks like most ordinary Android smartphones, but when you close it shut, it fits nice and snug into your pocket.

Also, the screen of the Galaxy Z Flip is more delicate thanks to Samsung’s new “Ultra-Thin Glass,” which is higher quality than the Fold’s plastic display.

Finally, the price might be definitory for many users, and the Z Flip is the better choice because it is approximately $600 cheaper than the Galaxy Fold. Who wouldn’t appreciate that?




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