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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is Bringing Another Camera Update – Which are the New Features Added?

A recent update has been released for the camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. The update has a memory of 6.39MB and it is the version of the application. The changes that are brought with this version are not so many, but the good news is that a couple of bugs are fixed. For example, one of the most occurred issues was the failure to translate the French name of the application. Even though this change is useful only for those that have opted for French as a default language, it is still an improvement to be taken into consideration.

An important issue was represented by the lack of scan quality of the Camera. Unfortunately, the update brings terrible experience to the owners. Many of the users claim that the scan quality is even worse than it was before, so the update was to no avail. In addition to this, the users that were content with their Camera set up before the upgrade are now experiencing a couple of problems regarding the poor quality of their scans.

A minor firmware update that was mandatory for European devices has been recently added to the Samsung Galaxy S10. A couple of network-based improvements are being added to the user experience. The company claims that the stability of functions has been reviewed, even though there are no other changes regarding the One UI or any other additional features.

The camera app version can be launched by launching the Camera option and choosing the cogwheel icon poisoned in the top right corner. Click then on the option About Camera, which can be accessed by scrolling down and select the Update button. Another option is to update the app from the Galaxy Store by accessing the hamburger menu and click on updates and search for the application.



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