Samsung Galaxy S11: Are These Rumors About the Camera True?

There are so many leaks on the internet, and we don’t even know which ones we should believe. The original leaks showed that the phone would come with a super high-resolution 108MP sensor for the camera, and a 5x optical zoom lens and a 3D time-of-flight (ToF) camera. We have also seen on the internet that we’re getting a huge rectangle array (remember the story with the Pixel 4 device?). The most common rumor out there has to be that there will be five cameras on the back of the S11+.

A very well-known leaker, called Ice Universe, has written a post on Twitter and added a photo of the phone, and of the periscope lens. Oppo was the first company to make phones with periscope style lenses after they revealed them at Mobile World Congress in 2017. And ever since then, we’ve seen them in numerous of its phones.

In the post, he wrote about the real Galaxy S11+ camera. Apparently, on the left side, we’re getting the ultra-wide-angle, the primary camera, and the periscope zoom lens. Ice Universe then wrote that he does not know the exact distribution on the right side. He later wrote that the phone is also expected to include ToF and flash.

The image that he added shows half of the camera array, so there is enough room for the ToF lenses and the 5x optical zoom.

Another tweet showed that the 108MP main camera on this device would come with 9 pixels into one, which results in a 2.4 micron/12MP image size.

Among the other rumors, there’s the 5,000mAH battery, the 5G support, and the 144Hz display. However, we don’t know anything for sure until we’re getting an official statement from the company. As of now, we can only rely on leaks and rumors.



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