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Samsung Galaxy S11: Are We Getting a 108MP Sensor and a SAMOLED Screen?

Samsung Galaxy S11 is ready to bring new technological advancements. The 108MP image sensor is quite popular now, and we also know that they have also teased a 20:9 image ratio, which means there will also be a taller screen, that might get a new display technology, called SAMOLED.

This is according to some rumors out there about the One UI 2.0 beta and to a newly filed trademark. They are both set to make their appearance in the Samsung Galaxy S11. The phone is said to get the best camera phone. Developers have taken a look at the code of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 camera app from the One UI 2.0 beta. The code showed that there would be support for 108MP output resolution. This points to the Samsung Isocell sensor, which was first seen in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

There is absolutely nothing in this code that can confirm that the output resolution is coming with Galaxy S11. The only sure thing that they can say is that at least one of the upcoming Galaxy smartphones from Samsung will get it. They will also know which phone it is in early 2020 when more will be given to us.

All of the rumors are saying that Samsung Galaxy S11 is the one to get this sensor and that its release date is February 2020.  As you know, in the past, Samsung has not added support for a sensor or a resolution, unless they were working on getting them to future Samsung devices. This is mostly because the cost of the development of software is not worth it for a simple test for possible hardware.






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