Samsung Galaxy S20: How to Fix Battery Life Issues

Samsung Galaxy S20 series is considered as one of the best phones available on the market at this moment. With impressive specs and features that include great battery capacity and fast-charging option, each one of the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones is a top choice. Even though the phones present a high battery expectancy, you can always make use of these tricks to increase its life.

According to Samsung officials, the battery was specially designed to las one whole day. However, some users do not agree with this statement, and this is why we have created a series of tips and tricks to avoid this issue.

Apps which drain the battery

You can always see which are the apps draining your phone’s battery by going to Settings, in the Battery> Battery Usage section. There you can find the list of apps that use the most of your battery. In order to solve this, one can restart the device or head to Play Store and check for any available updates. Last but not least, you can uninstall those apps that you have not used in a very long time.

Reduce the brightness

One of the features that consume the most out of your battery is, without any doubt, the brightness level. Therefore, the best solution is to always keep it on a standard level, by going to Settings, in the “Display” area, where you can chose the level to your liking. Additionally, you can always opt for the Auto brightness feature, which will always adapt your display’s intensity according to the surroundings.

Dark Mode

This feature is not present to many of the phones on the market. Therefore, make sure to make use of it by going to the Display section in Settings, where the Dark Mode is there to be enabled.

Always on Display

This feature is perfect to get in touch with the latest news available, including weather forecasts and news. However, this option costs you a great deal of battery life, so if you do not make use of its services at a particular moment, you should disable it from the Quick Settings option situated on the top of the screen.

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