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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Review – Specs, Performance, and More

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite can be classified as a middle-range device, being a super-budget gadget that bears a resemblance to Galaxy Tab S6 that was released back in 2019. The tablet is viewed as a strong competitor against the standard iPad 10.2 since its appearance and screen size are quite similar. Additionally, the inclusion of the Spen will definitely put this tablet in front of its competition.

If you wish to buy this gadget, you will need to pay $349. However, it is still not precisely known as the availability area of this device. Rumors are stating that the company will first release a Wi-Fi-only device, which will soon be followed by the LTE version.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – Specs, Performance, and More

The display is 10.4-inch and comes with a 2000 x 1200 resolution. The Budget-friendly tablet lacks an AMOLED panel that would have enhanced its resolution. Fortunately, the screen quality is impressive, being easy to see all the details displayed even when positioned indirect light.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is powered by the mid-range processor, Exynos 9611, coming with 4GB RAM available. Depending on the functions that run in the background, the tablet is quite easy to use, and it does not display any sign of being over-solicited.

The front side of the gadget comes with a 5MP camera, which comes in handy when taking selfies or video chatting. The setup on the backside brings an 8MP camera. Even though the facilities they offer are not out of the ordinary, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 can accomplish its purpose.

The battery on Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite will allow users to charge it once a day while using it for a medium amount of time. It presents 7,040 mAh, which is usual for a tablet this size, but we are still unaware of the changes in its performance over the years.

The original version is available on Amazon:



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