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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: We Put Them to The Test and Here’s What We Found

Samsung has finally revealed Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and we can all see what that means to the public. It is a budget-friendly choice, which can be compared to the Galaxy Tab S6. Here is all we know so far:

In terms of display

The battle is between AMOLED and TFT LCD. There’s only a 0.1 discrepancy between them. For the Galaxy Tab S6, we have Super AMOLED has 1560 by 1600 pixels, while Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has 2000 by 1200. We can see the vibrant colors of the panel in AMOLED, but the LCD panel is also great. Galaxy Tab S6 is the very first tablet to boast HDR 10+, and we don’t find this in the Lite model.

In terms of hardware

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Tab S6 is more powerful. It comes with a Snapdragon 855 SoC, with 6GB or 8GB of RAM. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite model comes with an Exynos 9611, with 4GB of RAM. It also has 64 GB with the 128GB option, while Galaxy Tab S6 has 128 GB with 256 GB of storage.

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy Tab S6 also comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and Tab S6 Lite does not have any kind of biometric authentification available. But it does have a 3.5mm headphone jack, so the sky is limit with headphones and external speakers.

Each model has a 7.040mAH battery, but their chipsets are different. Snapdragon is a very modern, and a better chipset, while Exynos 9611 is a mid-range chipset. So there’s a difference here.

In terms of camera

The Galaxy Tab S6 is, without a doubt, better. It has a 13MP wide sensor, and it comes with 5MP ultrawide and an 8MP front camera. The Lite model has an 8MP wide main camera and a 5MP front camera.

In terms of design

Even if the Galaxy Tab S6 costs more than the Tab S6 Lite, the design is similar. Galaxy Tab S6 has a slot for the S Pen right on the back panel, and it also comes with a dual-camera setup, but that might be the only difference between these two devices. The one with the lower price tag seems some stylish, with a 7mm profile, while the other one has a 5.7mm bezel.

In terms of the S Pen

Both of them come with an S Pen, but they are two different models. The one on the high-end device has Bluetooth, and it also comes with Air Actions, like the Galaxy Note 10.

The Lite model has been redesigned, and it’s more comfortable for you to hold it now, but it does follow a traditional hardware setup – you won’t need an internal battery or Bluetooth connectivity. This also means that you’re not getting Air Actions.

In terms of the price

The Lite version is obviously cheaper, but the gap is not that significant. The Tab S6 Lite Wi-Fi/LTE has the price of around €379/€439, and the more performant Tab S6 has the price of €699/€779.

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