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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – Possible Release Date, Features, Design, and More

Samsung is launching its upcoming Galaxy Tab S7 with the 5G technology implemented, making its long-awaited device to stand itself apart from the competition. On top of that, the Galaxy Tab 7 will come equipped with an S-Pen, making this premium tablet package an attractive offer for technology lovers.

When compared to iPad Pro, which does not benefit from 5G technology and charges an additional cost for its pen accessory, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 sounds like an advantageous offer. But the suggestions from the giant company are not stopping here. A series of leaks were revealed by the Dutch Samsung exclusive website, GalaxyClub.

The design of the tablet is going to feature two size ranges, one of 11 inches for the Galaxy Tab 7 and the other one of 12.4 inches for the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. The Dutch site has reported that the company is very likely to stick to the numbering label of its devices, contrary to what they have done with the Galaxy S20 smartphone.

More details on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung is highly renowned for its impressive accessories that are way ahead of what Apple is offering to its users. For example, the keyboard accessory that was released alongside Galaxy Tab 6 was available for iPad users only one year later as the Apple Magic Keyboard.

The impressive 5G technology will guarantee fans a fast Internet surfing experience. This concept is not entirely new for the company. They have indeed released a 5G Galaxy Tab S6 version that was available only for South Korean users. This time, the company is planning on making this feature available for the European countries, as well as the United States of America.

The release date for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is expected in August this year, almost at the same time with the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20. It is still not sure if the launch date will remain the same because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.



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