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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: All We Know So Far

Given the fact that the original Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched back in 2018, the hype with the next device is big However, it seems that Samsung is skipping a number because the new device is called Galaxy Watch 3. 

We used to call the next device the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, however, the moniker has been ditched, according to Thailand’s NBTC (Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission) regulatory body. 

According to some reports, the product code numbers match with the recent documentation from the FCC – Federal Communications Commission  – in the USwhich is good news, because it seems that we’re getting the Galaxy Watch 3 soon. 

We know that it is a bit weird to skip a number completely. However, it could avoid all the confusion when it comes to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, which Samsung also makes. The original watch is cheaper than the Active 2, but it is also older than it. 

What are its features? 

The name doesn’t really matter that much. We have learned a lot of rumors about the upcoming device. Remember the rotating bezels that we’ve seen in the first Galaxy Watch? We know that they didn’t implement it in the Watch Active 2 device, but it will make a return for the Galaxy Watch 3. 

We have also learned about his new titanium casing, which will come with more conventional aluminum and stainless materials. 

When it comes to the size, we’ve seen that, even if the Galaxy Watch 3 will come two variants – of 41 millimeters and 45 millimeters, it will still be smaller than the 42 millimeters and 46 millimeters variant that the original offered. 

We have heard that the smartwatch will be released on the 5th of August, together with some other Samsung hardware, including the Galaxy Note 20 smartphone. 




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