Samsung Has a Surprise for Us, and Apparently It’s a New Smartphone

Samsung has recently confirmed its next Galaxy smartphone, and it will probably hit the market in 2021. However, now there’s a new Galaxy flagship that has been revealed, and you should be able to buy this one this year. 

There is a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that has been confirmed after it was certified by SIG –  Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which is an organization that controls the development of Bluetooth licensing and standards. The difference between the $1400 Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Note 20 Ultra is probably the smart buy. 

The reason behind it stays in the name and the number of the modelIt has confirmed that the model number is SM-N986U. This one belongs to the Note 20 Plus, and it has been recently certified in China. 

Bluetooth SIG usually gets the devices early, which means that some differences can happen with the final product. Let us take a clear example. Just last year, Bluetooth SIG certified Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus before Samsung renamed them into what we know today as being Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus. Will this happen again with the Note 20 Ultra? We’re going to find out soon. 

The thing is that we already know that Samsung had designed this device as an Ultra, but that it will have the price of a Plus. 

So we’re getting a more powerefficient LTPO display, with the same 6.9-inch size. Also, faster storage and next-gen biometric security, incredible RAM, and a primary camera of 108 megapixelsThe camera will have a have autofocus hardware which should solve all Ultra’s problems. 


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