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Samsung Unpacked: The Galaxy Z Flip is Amazing, But People Paid More Attention to the S20 Series

Yesterday, at the Samsung Unpacked event, the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra had been revealed together with the Galaxy Z Flip folding smartphone.

All those mobile devices have previously been leaked, but the surprise Samsung managed to deliver consists of how good the Z Flip actually is. The company did not mention who manufactured the glass screen, aside from the fact that it is being made in partnership with an associate. In comparison to plastic folding displays, it’s a massive dispute.

When it comes to the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has been repeating this basic design for a few years now, and it definitely knows what it is doing. However, this triggers a bit of subjective discordance for some, but in spite of being similar to the old models, it had more audience interest than the Z Flip.

Samsung’s New 2020 Devices

Simply put, the Z Flip is amazing, but what fans are going to purchase the S20 when they want to upgrade. It is the S20 series where Samsung has managed to smash it, and people were right to closely observe the more important thing after all.

Fans are anxiously waiting to see whether the 5G will matter, or the camera setups will be as good as people got used to on Samsung’s devices, or even better. Even so, the Samsung Unpacked event was incredibly busy.

What is important is the fact that the company’s long-speculated rival for the new Motorola Razr is now official, and it brings last century’s clamshell flip phone updated with dual screens. The device has also been revealed during 2020 Oscars; therefore, people only found out small new details about it as the rumors kind of said it all. The price for the Samsung Z Flip starts at $1,380.

The South Korean tech giant also offered an updated version of its Galaxy Buds. The ‘Plus’ in the Galaxy Buds Plus implies enhanced battery life and extra microphone. However, the accessories still have no noise nullification.



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