Samsung Vs Huawei Vs Motorola – Foldable Smartphones Are Expensive, But They Don’t Work Properly

Samsung’s next-generation of a foldable mobile device will allegedly launch on February 11th. The Motorola Razr is also on the way to rollout, but people are not that happy about those releases. Rather skeptical reports have surfaced, with the notion that smartphone manufacturers should stop designing ‘immature’ devices. Huawei is also involved.

The South Korean tech giant has presented its Galaxy Fold at MWC 2019, depicting a whole glass case that was impossible to have a good view through. ​Even so, the more peculiar thing the company did was to make the smartphone inaccessible so shortly before the official launch, but we ultimately understood why.

The day following the unofficial announcement of the Fold, the Huawei Mate X, which was well-designed, was more palpable and could even be held. Samsung was, however, not that advanced with the development of the Galaxy Fold when it was announced.

Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola produce expensive foldable smartphone on the clients’ money

Be it as it may, people are still asking why the rush for the most advanced technology has to be carried at the expense of clients. There aren’t any more manufacturers that take the time and put effort into developing a mature product with added value before putting it out there.

What a shame that the most expensive smartphone on the market is, as a matter of fact, a piece of junk that it cannot be compared to the ones found in regular shops because it cannot arise to everyday use.

Huawei, Samsung, Lenovo, as well as LG have all been investing time and energy into the technology of foldable smartphones and screens for rather a high number of years now. It is possible that an obscure company called Royole has the one that created a lot of pressure in research segments of the tech giants back in 2018,

If that’s not the case, such things as hinges that aren’t properly functioning, plastic displays that can be damaged with a fingernail, as well as dents and bumps, are expected to be the norm in a $1,500 -range of foldable smartphones in the market.

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