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Samsung Will Develop New Displays for a Better Quality of the Image

A report from Reuters is showing that Samsung is likely to stop its production of LCDs by the end of 2020. The company’s new resolution for this year is developing its technology towards the quantum dot technology. Therefore, they are trying to eliminate from their production the traditional way of displaying the liquid crystals.

This decision implies that by the end of this year, the worldwide production of LCDs will use one of the best competitors on the market. Samsung is currently focusing on developing its QD-enhanced OLED displays, renouncing even on the Qled LCDs.

New Displays From Samsung To Come Out Soon

The company’s factories for LCD screens are based in South Korea and China. There are four factories where the filters are produced, financed by Samsung. However, last year in October, one of the South Korean factories were closed and the company is looking forward to doing the same with the raining three enterprises. This decision comes after a long period of low revenue and demand, after the oversupply of LCDs.

The quantum dot-enhanced OLED displays are the new technology that Samsung is proposing to its customers. The company has decided to invest in this innovation, not more or less than 11 billion USD. The likelihood of this investment is that Samsung is going to win terrain over its competitors since the technology they are proposing is more innovative than the traditional LCD production.

Therefore, one of the factories in South Korea will be entitled to produce the quantum dot-enhanced OLED displays. The company is hoping to receive positive feedback on their product since they are advertising a unique image quality, as well as an impressive quality-price ratio for its customers.
What is not clear yet is what is happening to the Chinese factories that will be closed. Nonetheless, LG Display has the same initiative as Samsung, cutting down on its production in favor of OLED technology.



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