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Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” App Grants Offline Localization – Update v7.2.05.44 Arrives

Samsung was the world’s top vendor of smartphones until several months ago. It was surpassed by the Chinese brand Huawei that has grown tremendously in recent years. Therefore, you surely wouldn’t like to lose a Samsung phone, especially one of the company’s top models like Galaxy S20, Note 10 Plus, A51, S20 Plus, and so on. The South Korean tech giant knows this very well, and that’s why it comes to lend a hand to all of its users.

Whether you’re getting distracted by something else, you’re getting robbed, or you just have a bad memory, losing a phone can happen to anybody.

Don’t hesitate to access the ‘Find My Mobile’ app ASAP

The new offline support feature for the Find My Mobile app now allows users to find their Samsung phones even without having a data connection. However, this only works if another Samsung device locates the lost phone. The update v. is in charge of this, and it already delighted some users as they’ve seen it on their screens. Slowly but surely, it will finish rolling out for many other owners of Samsung phones.

Once the new feature gets installed, the rest is like a walk in the park. All you’ll have to do if you have a Samsung phone is to keep an eye on your display. A notification should emerge out of nowhere and invite you to enable the feature. The message will say:

“Turn on Offline finding? / Make it easier to find your lost phone even if it’s not connected.”

Between 1995 and 2018, a staggering amount of 19 billion phones were sold by Samsung. The same South Korean giant sold over 1.5 billion smartphones in 2019. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry one bit that there will be no other Samsung device to find your lost one.



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