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Samsung’s Next Phone to Come with 5G Support – Is It a Flip Phone?

Clamshell phones still found their way on the market in Asia. And it is almost 2020, but it should not come as a surprise. And we also have pieces of evidence: last year’s $2,700 Samsung W2019 flip phone from the tech giant had amazing success. Right now, Samsung is getting ready to announce its brand new flip phone, which would not only support 5G, but it would also come with a foldable screen.

China Telecom posted a photo on its Weibo account, showing that Samsung W20 will hit the market in November. The phone will also come with support for 5G.

We do not know for sure if the W20 will come as a clamshell device with a keypad on the bottom half, or if it will have a foldable screen, like the Razr phone coming from Motorola.

SamsungMobile stated that the device is a normal clamshell. But rumor had it, there was a Razr-like phone, and Samsung released after some concept videos of a folding phone just a few days ago. It does not really matter what the form factor is. What we know for sure is that this foldable phone will be expensive, and we would not get to see it soon, that, if it will receive an official release outside of Asia.

What about its specs?

As of now, we do not really know anything official about the specs of the new W phone. But from what we have seen so far, its specs and some of its features will be close to those of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones.

Its operating system would be One UI 2.0, which was definitely made only for a foldable device.



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