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Scientists Argue That Tropical Oceans Will Collapse in a Decade

A new study argues that unless global warming is restrained as fast as possible dire consequences will take place as ecosystems will collapse, with tropical oceans being the first victims in less than a decade.

Our planet hasn’t warmed in the same manner at does today in the past. While global warming may tend to be uniform key regions are also influenced by a selection of seasonal and geographic factors. The current trend related to carbon dioxide emissions caused by human activities could boost the global temperatures by up to four degrees Celsius by the end of the century.

An international team that reunites researchers from the UK, US, and Africa has explored more than 150 years of climate dat and on information related to the spread of more than 30,000 species of animals, including birds, mammals, fish, and reptiles.

Tropical Oceans Are In Danger

The scientists developed a concept scenario that allowed them to learn about temperature patterns that could affect the spread of wildlife. In target areas, and the results are quite harrowing. It is estimated that up to 73% of the species will be affected by the increased temperatures in a severe manner.

One of the researchers who contributed to the study has stated that animal populations became endangered on a specific temperature had been reached since their body could not handle the new environment. It was also mentioned that the phenomenon could be compared to a series of cliff edges, as different species will be affected at different times.

Several species that live in the tropical oceans will be affected by the increased temperatures before the end of 2030. The presence of recent mass bleaching events is already a major signal of alarm that should be taken into account since, in many cases, they are irreversible, and the reefs remain barren. More needs to be done to reduce global pollution and keep the temperature increase under two degrees Celsius.



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