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Scientists Use Tobacco Plants to Research Their Glowing Capabilities

Scientists have managed to successfully develop one of the brightest plants, from tobacco plants, which emit light as radiant as an alien flora. The plant was genetically engineered, and it shows that the future of colorful flowers is promising. The technology that is being used is called bioluminescence, and it is defined as the possibility of a plant to emit light. Up until now, the researchers were not able to create this effect for the plants living in the wildlife.

A study that was published on the 27th of April in the Nature Biotechnology journal has managed to introduce the brightest glowing plants ever achieved in history. The researchers extracted DNA from bioluminescent mushrooms and injected it into tobacco plants. The results were terrific since the plants managed to emit approximately one billion photons as each minute passed by, creating a self-sustained luminescence that can be seen with the bare eye.

Tobacco Plants’ Bioluminescence Capabilities

The researchers’ team is based in Moscow, Russia, working for the Planta LLC biotech, whose primary objective is the commercialization of glowing plants. The study has identified that the caffeic acid is responsible for enhancing the light emission in the tobacco plant when the bioluminescent group of Nenothopanus fungus is present as well.

Consequently, the researchers managed to create a gleaming auto luminescent plant, which is capable of producing its light intake regardless of its age. While young plants emitted more light, the brightness of the older plants dimmed.

The team decided to use tobacco plants, given their research possibilities and the fact that they grow extremely fast. In addition to this, the tobacco plants present the same illuminate possibilities like periwinkle, rose, and petunia. Even though the glowing plants have just started to be highly appreciated by the broad public, it may not seem long until we will be able to cultivate bright greens in our backyard.



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