Seven Best Minecraft Skins to Choose From

Minecraft skins are available in all shapes and sizes, be it classic video game characters, anime protagonists, movie heroes, or even original individuals. With all the skins to choose from, finding a great one that fits you best and makes the gameplay more interesting can be challenging.

This is why we decided to put together a list of the best seven Minecraft skins you can use for your character for free. 

Master Chief

Because Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, Mister Chief is a great skin to choose from in the game’s blocky Universe. Put on this skin and discard the war with the Covenant for combats against spiders and skeletons.


There are numerous Spider-Man suits in the world, but when it comes to the Minecraft Universe, you cannot go wrong with it. Using this skin allows you to play as the popular personage, but remember: the spiders will still attack you even if you are wearing this skin.


The Stormtrooper skin gets you a distant galaxy within the Minecraft world. ​There are numerous Star Wars characters in the game as skins, but this one is ideal for those who don’t necessarily have a favorite.

Isaac Clarke

Even though there won’t be any Dead Space game anytime soon, Isaac Clarke can be found in Minecraft as a skin. This one helps you get through the survival horror gameplay unharmed.

Iron Man

The Iron Man skin takes Tony Stark into the Minecraft world. However, even if you are wearing this skin in the game, it won’t allow you to fly or use cool gadgets.

Gordon Freeman

The Gordon Freeman skin helps you get ready for the upcoming renewal of Half-Life, as well as the launch of Half-Life: Alyx. 


The last Marvel skin on the list is not so popular, but he definitely got the best-looking Minecraft skin among all Marvel heroes.

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