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Showbox Still Working? No Developers So Far

After a few days of experiencing issues, a question arises: is Showbox still working? Despite the fact that Netflix and Now TV provides audiences with the chance of streaming their movies and favorite shows cheaply – and legally! Still, applications such as Showbox still plague the entertainment industry, as they are used by the wide public.

Viewers cannot download Showbox in the same way as they would download a normal application. This is because Showbox gives its users pirated content, so the application cannot have an official website. Some problems with the application back in November 2019 have made users realize that Showbox is under threat from the entertainment industry. This comes after earlier research suggests that the entertainment industry is not after Showbox, after all.

For now, nobody is sure what happened to Showbox. However, users have mentioned that they are unable to access the application since November 1. Showbox has no official website, but it has issued a statement about how to fix the problem. They have posted an answer to the entire confusion on Twitter.

In a recently published post, Showbox wrote that they apologize and they are aware that the application is not working for some of its users. The company believes that this is simply dependent on the location, but servers should soon be up everywhere. Showbox declared that full availability should happen within a few days. Once again, the company said that they are sorry for the low stability and that they hope that their users continue to use the application.

What’s more, in a tweet posted on Saturday, back in November 2019, Showbox wrote that their servers went down a lot harder than the developers expected and they are trying to let their users know that they are working hard on getting the issue fixed. Showbox has also thanked people for the support.



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