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Showbox Will Probably Not Make a Comeback in 2020, and We Know Why

We are all curious to find out what happened with the Showbox app. Right now, it has some problems due to the free media content. It’s a great competition for another streaming giant, the difference being that Showbox offers us the content for free. But we don’t know if the best content is the free content, but it’s still a very good alternative to subscriptions.

Netflix is one of the famous paid subscription giant, and Showbox offers a lot of shows for free. The interface is smooth and very easy to use. And the list of content is a long one – both movies and TV shows.

What is going on with the app?

The app has to deal with a lot of issues. The server has troubles, and it disturbed the integrity of the content. If users try to play any content, they’ll get a black screen, there is no text, no nothing. But there is an error showing when they launch the app.

Are there legal issues?

Showbox does offer illegal content. Many companies have filed a case against Showbox precisely for this reason. Also, many production houses are trying to ban the app – everyone is against it.

Will Showbox make its return in 2020?

People are wondering if the app will make a comeback this year. The team behind Showbox has talked about it, saying: “Showbox servers got hit hard due to security issues we had, these have been resolved. But the bad news is Showbox got hit with big legal issues that cannot be resolved. Due to this, we are still working hard to find a way through this, but it is also going to take a lot of time.”







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