Skype Upgrade Permits Video Calls Even Without Signing-up or the App

One of the most used applications for voice and video calls is Skype. Nine years ago, Microsoft started managing this application, and ever since then, they have brought on the market only improvements for its users. Today, the officials announced that a new feature is being added to the application. From now on, its users will be able to access Skype without having or creating an account.

How to use the new features in Skype

Another upgrade that Microsoft has launched for Skype is the possibility to create a video call with only a few clicks away. Any user without an account can create a video conference. After that, he will be provided with a link that can be shared on any platform. Anyone in possession of the link can join the Skype conversation.

In order to be able to recognize themselves during the phone calls, the users will be asked to introduce a temporary username. This option is available as well for those that are already in possession of a Skype account. They are entitled to create a video conference for those without an account, being able to create a link for distribution by pressing the “Meet Now” button.

Skype remains a popular application

Over the years, Skype has seen numerous improvements and the users were content about the features they can access. Back in 2019, Skype developed a feature allowing its fans to blur their background while video calling. At the moment, this feature is available for Windows and macOS versions. Up until now, there has not been any announcement regarding the launch of this feature for mobile users.

However, even though there are still some improvements to be added, Skype is inviting anyone who wanted to create an account but did not want to have a permanent one to try all the features it has to offer. This initiative proposed by Microsoft is an ideal way to spend your time during this social distancing period.

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