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Smart Locks: Is That a Yes or a No?

Technology is evolving every day, and not many people can get used to it. For example, smart locks have put a lot of problems for many people. we believe technology is always easier, but sometimes it can cause a lot of problems. People were locked out of their houses. We are here to talk about the impact of technology.

At some point in 2019, there was a massive power outage in New York, and 72,000 customers lost power.

According to one of the clients, most of the young tenants were just sitting outside and were using their phones, because the smart key system was down, and they didn’t have a mechanical key. Truth be told, regular doors do not need updates or a battery replacement. But many of the smart locks do. The people who wanted this digital access are basically at the mercy of their devices. There is the possibility of technical glitches at all times, plus there’s the concern of battery life. And there’s also the price – this entire thing can cost a lot.

Appearance is one of the many concerns for homeowners: many of the smart locks do not have that curb appeal. The traditional locks that are not automated will fade into the place because people are used to seeing them. And they have been around for years and years.

The smart locks come in the shape of chromed-out bulbs or boxes. Some have numeric dials. Back in 2019, Level Home introduced a $250 kit, which turns the traditional key into a smart lock, which can also be controlled by a smartphone. The door would still look the same, and users could use their mechanical keys to unlock it. Some have voice activation and many other smart features. Some have a pin. If you’re younger, you can get used to this, but if you’re older, you might want to stick around to the traditional keys. Either way, do not forget that technology can trick you.





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