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Snapchat Beta Update Available with New Changes

Snapchat is one of the top social media apps of all time. Snapchat works by a simple concept that turned out very appealing to the public. It gives us a way to share everyday moments with a sense of privacy and control while also making them look amazing with various filters.

Snapchat is based on disappearing messages (which, though they become “invisible,” are still stored somewhere in some cases), unlike most platforms.

Snapchat has advantages and disadvantages that you already heard of or even experienced.

Are Messages Gone?

Messages and pictures disappear by themselves unless users save them in the chat. Still, nobody can stop you from taking a screenshot of an embarrassing (or emotional) message or picture and keep it. Thankfully, the person you are talking to will be immediately notified that you took a screenshot, which is arguably useful.

Latest Version

Snapchat reached version Beta.

The official patch notes read:

“We’ve made a few updates that make getting around Snapchat easier!”

The new version of the app improves the experience by taking reliability and stability to a new level. We all love it when apps work the way you expect them to!

To update the app, keep your device connected to a reliable network and wait for it to install. If that does not happen, it might be because you turned off auto-updates for your device.

We suggest that you keep auto-update on, so you don’t need to manually verify that your apps are up to date and potentially miss out on new features.

Ensure that you get updates for your apps from a trusted source, like your phone’s built-in app market (Google Play or Apple App Store), to prevent contracting malware or viruses.



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