Solve Your Google Play Store Issues With These Easy Tips

We all have problems with Google Play Store at some point. It can be an error message, or it simply crashes. Sometimes it just does not open. We can help you with these problems.

There are a few things that may affect Google Play Store’s activity, and we are here to solve your problems.

First of all: make sure you restart your phone – it solves so many issues. If the problem still exists after, then go on with this article.

Check your internet connection. Try to switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data and see if you still encounter problems. Switch your phone to “airplane mode” and then go back again. If you still have problems, you might want to reset your router and make sure you have a good connection.

Date and time settings. Google sets these dates for the Play Store from your phone. If the store is not able to find a time, then it may cause your problems. The servers from Google could actually have a tough time syncing with your device.

Just go to Settings and, under System, you should see Date and Time. Tap on it, and you will see if your phone is set on the Automatic date and time that’s provided by your network. Make sure you toggle it on if it’s not already.

Make sure you check your Google apps.

If the store has simply frozen, try to force-close it by swiping it away. Or, you can go to Settings, then to Apps & notifications, then to See all apps. Select the Google Play Store and press on Force stop.

Remember that you need to always update the app and have the latest version of Google Play. You may also want to clear the Google Play Store cache and clear out the data.

If it still does not work, you will need to clear data and cache on Google Play Services and update this app, too.

Emptying the Google Play Store cache

You will solve plenty of your troubles if you empty the cache. The cache holds the data temporarily so you can quickly retrieve it without reloading.

Go to Settings and then to Apps. Scroll down and press on Clear cache. You may need to go to Storage and then to Clear Cache. After it’s done, go to the Google Play Store and see if the problem is now solved.

Clearing out the Play Store data

When you delete your data from the Play Store, you delete a bit more than just the cache. It sets the app as it was at the very beginning, and it deletes all of your saved information. It should solve your problems, as well. Keep in mind that all your files, settings, accounts, and databases will be erased. You will also be signed out.

Go to Settings, then to Apps. From there, scroll until you get to Clear data. Or simply go to Storage and then Clear data.

Clearing data and the cache on the Google Play Services

Google Play Services is very important for Android. It manages the background processes, and it allows the apps to communicate with different parts of your device. It enables them to sync and send notifications.

Go to Settings, to Apps. You need to find the Google Play Services app. You may need to tap the Clear cache button, or you may need to go into Storage, then hit Clear cache. If that still does not work, then press on Manage space or Manage storage. From there, tap on Clear all data.

This should solve all of your problems in no time.

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