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Sony and Nintendo Have Some Great Deals for Us for Black Friday

It seems that Black Friday 2019 will be the perfect year for those who want to get a new console. There are some great deals on Switch with Mario Kart 8. Black Friday is always a reasonable period for bargains, but this is the last Christmas in which Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be Microsoft and Sony’s primary consoles. This means that they prepared some deals for yours. And this is precisely what was revealed through the US website Best Buy – PlayStation 4 bundle, with 1TB consoles and Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Remastered and God of War for only $199.99 (that’s £158). The bundle looks like an official one from Sony, which means that it will probably be available in many other stores. However, it’s not listed yet by any UK retailer.

However, this does not mean that the UK will miss out on this chance – Black Friday will take place on the 29th of November, so there’s a lot of time for them to prepare something. When it comes to Xbox One, nothing is impressing so far, but Microsoft has advertised an Xbox One S deal for £200-  it will come with three games and exclusive Fortnite skin.

But as said, there is plenty of time, so Xbox will probably come with something good. Even if Switch is the only console that will not be replaced next year, we already have a fantastic deal for that. Nothing is confirmed, but we’ve heard that, for  $299.99 (£235), you’ll get a Nintendo Switch, and Mario Kart 8. As said, it will be an official bundle, so it should be available in many other stores, too. Some of them will sell the bundle cheaper, so keep your eyes on the stores.






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