Sony Delays Its PS5 Reveal and Game Showcase Event

Sony has decided to delay its streaming-only PS5 event that was planned for June 4th amid the protests currently taking place in several states in the U.S. and around the world.  

In a Twitter post, the tech giant said that “while we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration. And for now,” the tweet says, “we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.”  

Sony is definitely referring to the response to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and the following protests taking place in the United States and around the globe. The incident follows a number of deaths of unarmed black individuals this year, including 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, who was shot by police in her home in Kentucky in March, as well as Ahmaud Arbery, who was jogging before being shot by two white men in Georgia, back in February.  

What Games to Expect for PS5  

Sony had been intending to use the event to showcase PS5 games, pledging an hour-long event with the first glance to some of the titles players will get to enjoy when the next-generation console launches this holiday season.  

The tech giant’s decision comes after EA has also postponed its Madden NFL 21 event on June 1st, and Google’s decision to put off its Android 11 beta announcement for now. Sony has not given any more details regarding a new date for the PS5 game showcase event.  

According to some rumors, a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn could be under works, but there’s no hint yet that the game would come to PS5. Gran Turismo 7 has also been speculated to be a title for the next-generation console, as well as a new sequel in Bloodborne 

Among the confirmed games for the PS5, we’ve got Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Vallahla, Godfall, and Outriders. 

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