SpaceX Sends Dragon Cargo Ship to ISS for NASA; Find out What’s Carrying

The SpaceX company has launched the uncrewed Dragon spacecraft on the 5th of December, and it was a success. It was also the company’s last cargo mission of the year 2019, and it sent fresh supplies to the ISS – International Space Station. They also stuck a rocket landing on a drone, which was sent to the Florida coast.

A new, two-stage Falcon 9 rocket was launched at 12:29 p,m EST from the Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It carries the Dragon cargo capsule to the orbiting lab, after a 24-hour delay. The delay happened due to the high winds.

The clear skies from above the Space launch site gave us a great view of the Falcon 9 rocket, as seen when it climbed to orbit. People were clapping at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

This flight is the 19th and the one before the last SpaceX delivery missions for NASA, under the first commercial cargo re-supply service contract with NASA. Of all of the missions which were flown up until now, this is the 8th to have a pre-flown Dragon – it is the first Dragon spacecraft to fly more than once – which is something that they achieved back in 2017.

With this successful launch, this Dragon capsule is right now on its way to deliver the third batch of supplies to the ISS. Its first trip took place in September 2014, for CRS-4, then in July 2017, for CRS-11 and now for CRS-19.

What does the dragon carry right now?

The dragon is loaded with over 2,585 kilograms (that’s 5,700 lbs.) of supplies, and more than 952 kilograms (that’s more than 2,100 lbs.) of scientifical equipment which will help in doing experiments on how seeds germinate in space.


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