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SpaceX Starship SN1 Prototype Blasts During Recent Test

The Starship SN1 prototype that SpaceX developed burst during the pressure testing. A video was published on the Internet of the spacecraft’s explosion. The reusable Starship SN1 was made to perform interplanetary projects, mainly the Mars and the Moon.

It will also represent the second phase of the super-heavy rocket (BFR) that SpaceX is currently working on it. The SpaceX Starship SN1 prototype was damaged during a strength test at the company’s plant missile launcher. On the posted video on YouTube, we can view the live broadcast of the event. On February 28 at 22.00 local time, the spacecraft prototype shattered into a lot of fragments close to Boca Chica in Texas.

SpaceX Starship Prototype Encountered Massive Explosion During Testing

Starship SN1 prototype was kitted with liquid nitrogen during the test. As a consequence, the bottom of the Starship SN1 wrecked, and the remains of the spaceship lifted to a height of almost 10-20 meters. The SpaceX Starship was designed to be an extensive-duration cargo and passenger-transporter spacecraft.

Back in 2019, Elon Musk,  the SpaceX CEO, announced that the Starship would no longer be made out of carbon fiber. The company will use instead stainless steel to develop the Starship. The reasons for such a choice include strength, cost, and ease of fabrication to support making the change.

More About the Future SpaceX Starship

In May 2019, the Starship build went back to only six Raptor engines, with three optimized for vacuum and three optimized for sea-level. The constructing of the first Super Heavy booster, however, was predicted to be able to begin by late September.

June 2019 witnessed another series of changes as the company announced negotiations had started with three telecom companies for utilizing Starship, for lifting off commercial satellites for paying customers in 2021. Starship is supposed to mass at 120,000 kilograms, when optimized, being able to carry a payload of almost 100,000 kilograms.



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