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SpaceX Successfully Tested Its Starship Prototype

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s spaceflight company, has ambitious plans for the future, including a crewed flight in partnership with NASA, using the Dragon and Falcon 9 rocket. In addition to this, Elon Musk and his crew are preparing for an impressive and ambitious project that aims to research the outer solar system. At the moment, the company is still tasting its equipment, and a part of it has already passed the test.

For example, SN4 is the latest vehicle that managed to meet the expectations and demands of the Starship project. The mission is currently in its early stages of testing. Last year, the company tested the Starhopper prototype with the help of brand-new Raptor engines, receiving satisfying results. Unfortunately, the full-scale prototypes have failed the pressure test.

SpaceX Starship Prototype Was Successfully Tested

In February, SN1 was set on fire during its analysis, while SN2 and SN3 have unfortunately faced the same fate during the “cryo” test. Fortunately, SN4 is the first rocket to survive the tests of SpaceX successfully.

The latest success is an important step forward for the project. The upcoming project, a static fire test for SN4, is scheduled to be assessed next week. The following variant of the rocket will probably be called SN5 and will be tested at the height of 500 feet, before setting down. SN5 will be equipped with three Raptor engines and a full-scale tank.

The primary goal or the Starship project is to transport large payloads from Earth to the Red Planet and back. In addition to this, Elon Musk dreams about implementing a colonization program with the help of this project. Moreover, the spacecraft aims to be the first launch platform to send small missions to the surface of exoplanets. The tests for the mission will probably end before 2023 when the Starship rocket sends its first crew on Moon and Mars.



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