SpaceX to Launch a New Batch of Starlink Satellites

SpaceX brings its daring mission dubbed Starlink at another level, getting ready its third operational launch. The launch for the new batch of satellites was programmed for Monday, but was postponed for today (Tuesday) due to bad weather. The US Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron forecasted 50% odds of fair weather for launch, but obviously, they were wrong.

There has been a backup launch, scheduled for today, and SpaceX opted for this one. The Starlink v1.0 L3 mission will elevate off from the Space Launch Complex 40 from Cape Canaveral. Such an event will mark the second orbital SpaceX Falcon 9 launch this year, and a total of three launches.
Starlink Mission is Preparing for a Success

The mission’s first stage of Falcon 9 is center B1051, reaching its third flight. B1051.3 will become one of the few centers to reach from all three of SpaceX’s orbital liftoff platforms. The satellites will be originally extended into a round 290km altitude orbit, bent 53 degrees.

SpaceX to Launch a New Batch of Starlink Satellites

After liftoff, each satellite will utilize Krypton-powered Hall thrusters to boost altitude up to 350km. Also, any satellite not working accurately after liftoff will be maintained in the lower orbit to initiate the deorbiting process rapidly. Nominally operating spacecraft will proceed increasing their orbits to the operational 550km height.

The Starlink v1.0 L3 project is part of the original deployment case for the Starlink constellation, including almost 1,585 satellites. Other situations will arise, which will introduce some additional satellites. SpaceX’s 2020 plans are to launch around 24 Starlink missions.

The countdown to liftoff starts 38 minutes before launch when the liftoff director leads the go/no go survey for the combustible load. If all statuses are definite to begin, loading of RP-1 fuel into both phases of Falcon 9 starts 35 minutes before liftoff, Liquid Oxygen, too, loading into the initial step.

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