Splinter Cell’s Protagonist, Sam Fisher, Makes a Cameo in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Splinter Cell fans may have something to deliberate as its iconic main character Sam Fisher makes an appearance in Deep State, Ghost Brecon: Breakpoint‘s most recent build.

This is not the grand return of Sam Fisher many have been expecting for years, but Ubisoft has at least created some type of Splinter Cell content. Today, March 24th, the second episode of Deep State was released, and its first mission has the Splinter Cell protagonist at its center.

The new trailer published by the gaming studio showcases the storyline and offers fans a glimpse of the action:

As you can hear in the trailer, Fisher is looking for ‘The Strategist,’ who has been kidnapping military strategies in order to take them to Auroa, and it depends on you to protect him and help him bring the content in.

The new gameplay teaser depicting Sam Fisher in action will have fans requesting for that still intangible next Splinter Cell installment even more. Just three seconds into the trailer, and you can hear that legendary night-vision sound that is definitely going to make you nostalgic over the original series.

Could a New Splinter Cell Game Appear?

The last time Sam Fisher appeared onto the screen was back in 2013 in Splinter Cell: Blacklist’s build. Ever since, the series has been suspended with no sign of reappearing.

We still have to wait in order to find out whether we’ll ever get a new Splinter Cell game again. Some fans hope that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s Deep State episode is a forerunner, or at least created as a measure to test the waters before starting the work on a new game. Still, we can only hope that the developers have some intent beyond this other than just collecting revenue from a popular brand.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s Deep State is the second episode of the season pass. Its first mission is free to play, but the rest of the build has to be purchased.

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