Star Orbiting Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Was Spotted

Recent observations made by ESO researchers were obtained while using the Very Large Telescope. The discovery is confirming Einstein’s theory since a star was spotted orbiting around a supermassive black hole in the middle of our galaxy. The star is moving precisely as Einstein’s general theory of relativity is stating. In addition to this, the orbit of the star looks like a rosette and not as an ellipse, as mentioned in Newton’s theory of gravity.

The discovery was made only after extensive research of 30 years was conducted. The star is located 26.000 light-years away from the Sun, its location being a unique gravitational area to study. Additionally, the area presents a wide variety of leads that could play a leading part in future discoveries.

Scientists spotted a star orbiting around the Sagittarius A supermassive black hole

The S2 star is orbiting around the massive black hole at a distance of around 20 billion kilometers, is one of the closest distances ever spotted. A complete rotation around the orbit is realized in 16 years. When the star reaches the nearest region of the black hole, its speed increases by 3%.

The realm of the S2 Sun is changing every time it reaches a complete rotation around the black hole. In most of the cases, the planets and the stars present non-circular orbits. This means that the objects move closer to the purpose they are orbiting. However, this is not the case for S2, whose nearest point to the massive black hole changes at every complete rotation. The changes are done according to the previous rotation, which creates the rosette shape of the orbiting direction.

Scientists have observed the S2’s habits for over the past 27 years. During this time, over 330 measurements have been registered, displaying the star’s position and velocity. The primary focus of the upcoming studies is to determine the orbiting distance of fainter stars, which are thought to be even closer to the supermassive black holes.

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