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Star Trek Timelines Version 7.5.4 Available with A New Gameplay

Star Trek Timelines is a popular strategy role-playing video game from Disruptor Beam for Android and iOS devices, Facebook Gameroom, Steam, and the Amazon Store.

The game was acquired on March 4, 2020, by Tilting Point, and they developed a new studio named Wicked Realm Games.


Players can play as a ship captain and can form a crew with characters from any era of Star Trek, as they aim to shape the fate of the galaxy with diplomacy, science, and occasional force of arms.

The game is set after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager’s series finale. The game begins with the investigation of a temporal anomaly. Upon arrival at the anomaly location, the player encounters Q, who briefly explains that a full-on secular crisis has begun pulling people, places, and objects from various timelines into the current one.

Players have to recruit a crew, build starships from various timelines to help Q by sending the crew on specific missions, and progress through the game’s storyline.

Latest Version

Star Trek Timelines is an app like any other out there, so it requires occasional updates.

Updates can fix performance issues, add new content, or modify specific parameters of the game.

The latest version bears the number 7.5.4, and, according to the update notes, it addresses “technical and infrastructure” updates.

To update the game, you can either let your phone do it automatically or do it manually. If you have disabled auto-updates, you should consider turning them back on. Alternatively, if you insist on keeping them off, you can open Google Play or Apple’s App Store and search for the game. An update button should be available.

Make sure that you install the latest updates for all apps from secure, reliable sources!



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