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Stay Warm Using Technological Devices This Winter

​Now that the winter slowly settles, we often wish we’d have a solution to warm our hands on our daily commute when using the smartphone. They could be useful when waiting for the bus, or on the way to school or work.

Some years ago, when smartphones were the newest hot thing, the producers wanted to pack them with everything. The devices have successfully replaced MP3 players, for example, but some things are still similar or missing. For instance, there is no way to warm your hands while using the phone during wintertime efficiently.

However, some resourceful app developers have come with the idea of a nice feeling of warmth that spreads when using a smartphone. Unfortunately, some of the elements inside our devices weaken when exposed to heat, for instance, the battery depletes faster, and the processor and other parts could end up damaged.

Hand Warmers for the Next Generation

The new handwarmer apps have been met with skepticism, and some even disappeared completely from the App Store. However, they still exist. For instance, the Hand Warmer, which is very small and requires less than 100 KB on your Android device. We don’t recommend the use of this kind of app, as the battery could explode anytime; instead, look for a YouTube video if you are curious about how they work.

Again, do not attempt to see how these types of smartphone apps work, as you’ll probably end up missing a finger, and it will be no fun. Moreover, the ingenious gadget industry has already provided us with real substitutes.

Battery-powered hand warmers with safety certificates can be found in any place. They are available in an ergonomic form, with a power brick or a flashlight in addition. You can purchase one of these things for approximately $15 on Amazon; for instance, look for the Zippo Refillable Hand Warmers, which look stylish and are sold for only $13.​



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