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Stellar Free Data Recovery Software Review: Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Have you ever wondered how you could save all those personal or business data after a system failure? You would think there is no way you could recover the files, but Stellar Data Recovery is a reliable software that will help you get back those lost or deleted files.

There are several data recovery software options, but when it comes to important files, it is always best to rely on the best software out there. It also comes with the free option to recover up 1GB of data, so we knew we had to give it a try and let you know how good Stellar Data Recovery actually is.

Although users delete data from their hard drive or storage mediums like USB, SD cards, etc., the data will remain invisible until they are overwritten as you continue to use the computer. So, even though you won’t find the files in recycle bin, the chances of finding deleted files are bigger than you thought.

This is where the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software will help you with the user-friendly app that lets you scan the whole system and recover up to 1 GB of data. Here is how the software looks and works.

How to use Stellar Data Recovery?

The User Interface of the software is intuitive and even a beginner could use it. The first options Stellar Data Recovery offers is a list where you can choose what types of files you want to save.

After you choose the type of data you want to be recovered, press the “next” button and you will see the “Recover From” slide, where you must choose the location you want to search for the lost or deleted files. The software will start scanning for all the recoverable files in the location you had selected after you press “Scan.” You can also press Deep Scan, an option that will make scanning slower, but will return more deleted files.

We tested the software and noticed how fast it scanned, even with the preview button toggled on. The button is very handy if you are looking for photos and want to see them in real time.

What was a bit strange was that the deleted files appear in the third tab “Deleted List,” which should have been placed in the first tab since it is what we were looking for. Nonetheless, it is just a tiny issue, and we can easily get accustomed with it.

Stellar Data Recovery: Pros and Cons

+ What we liked about Stellar Data Recovery was how easy it was to use the software. They have a Help button that will help you learn all about its features.

+ Scanning for files was incredibly fast, the software lets you pause mid-scanning and lets you resume whenever you want to. The results with the number of files recovered by Stellar Data Recovery were impressive.

The only con there would be is the slightly more expensive price tag compared with the competitors, but having up to 1GB free data recovery, getting Stellar Data Recovery on your PC is more than a bargain.

Why Stellar Free Data Recovery Software is a must-have tool on your PC?

Even buying the software can be counted as a bargain considering it offers great services such as fast and powerful scanning, the ability to recover many file formats and all those handy extra features, such as filters, pausing and so on. For those that need this tool for their business, getting Stellar Data Recovery is a no-brainer.

We recommend Stellar Free Data Recovery Software to everyone looking to recover deleted files. Check out the free 1GB option and you will see that this software is an excellent tool that should not be missing on your PC.



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