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Stranger Things: Here’s Why Hopper is Not Dead

Stranger Things has become a very popular show in such a short time. It has got its huge fanbase since the first episode. There are three seasons out now, and we are waiting for the next one to hit the streaming services soon. We’re talking about the science fiction series that has won our hearts since 2016. The story is full of supernatural powers and parallel universes, government experiments, and kids.

Stranger Things was created by The Duffer Brothers. Before getting the 4th season, here is all you need to know about the first three.

Its IMDB rating is 8.8/10. You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime. As of now, there are 41 episodes available.

What about the cast?

Joyce Byers – Winona Ryder

Jim Hopper – David Harbour

Will Byers – Noah Schnapp

Mike Wheeler – Finn Wolfhard

Eleven – Millie Bobby Brown

Dustin Henderson – Gaten Matarazzo

Nancy Wheeler – Natalia Dyer

3 seasons – 25 episodes. Everything there is to know:

Season 1 – 8 episodes

  • Summary

In the first episode, we see the Hawkins Laboratory and how a creature attacks a scientist. At Wheeler’s house, we meet our main characters: Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas, playing Dungeons and Dragons. When Will goes home, he passes the Hawkins Lab and sees that a weird creature follows him. The creature vanishes, but Will does, too.

Will’s mother talks to his brother, asking if he came home last night, as they were both at work. They thought Will left for school early, so they didn’t really think that he might be missing. After a few hours and no sign of Will, his mother goes to Sheriff Hopper.

After Will’s disappearance, Eleven comes out of the forest and enters a restaurant in order to steal food. The owner of the restaurant feeds her; he tries to talk to her. She has a tattoo, and that’s when he learns that her name is Eleven. However, Benny gets killed, and Eleven escapes. While searching for his friend, Mike, Dustin and Lucas find Eleven, and they think that she might help then find Will. They bring her to Mike’s house, where she tells them that there are some bad people that are searching for her. She then shows them her powers – she has telekinesis powers.

In the meantime, Nancy attends her boyfriend’s party together with her best friend, Barb. Barb suddenly vanishes from the poolside. Will’s brother is in the forest, taking pictures, and he hears screams from the teenage party. He takes pictures of the party, and later, Barb is found in the pool. She was dragged by an unseen creature. Will’s mother is trying to connect with him with lightning candles. Will answers, and he is telling her that he is alive. However, Will’s body is found in the quarry, and she’s left hopeless.

Sherriff Hopper starts to investigate Will’s case. Nancy starts searching for Barb and takes help from Will’s brother, Jonathan, and his photographs. She sees a weird creature that was sitting behind Barb before her disappearance. We then learn that Berrin was Eleven’s father, who locked her up in a lab to work on her skills.

Eleven uses her powers to speak to Will, and she confirms that the boy is stuck in the upside-down world, kept thee by the Demogorgon monster from the Dungeons and Dragons game. While trying to find Barb and Will, Nancy goes into the upside down world, and Demogorgon tries to kill her. However, she managed to escape. Both Nancy and Jonathan want to kill Demogorgon.

By using her telekinesis power, Eleven finds out that Barb is dead and that Will is about to die too. In order to save him, Will’s mother goes into the upside-down world through the lab, and Hopper gives the location of Eleven to Brenner and the government officials. Nancy and Jonathan managed to hurt the monster. Hopper and Will’s mother save him. The monster comes after Eleven, but she manages to escape with the boys. She then kills the monster but vanishes.

The cliff-hanger ending of the season depicts that Will coughs up some slug-like creature and has a vision of the upside-down world. While the Sherif Hopper leaves food in the forest, which could be for Eleven. Is it means Eleven alive? What happens with Dr. Brenner? What is wrong with Will? All these questions might be answered in Season 2.

In the end, we see how Will coughs up some creature, and then he has a vision of the upside down world. Sheriff Hopper leaves food in the forest for Eleven, we are led to believe that she is still alive.

  • Episodes

S1E1- The Vanishing of Will Byers

S1E2 – The Weirdo on Maple Street

S1E3 – Holly, Jolly

S1E4 – The Body

S1E5 – The Flea and the Acrobat

S1E6 – The Monster

S1E7 – The Bathtub

S1E8 – The Upside Down

Season 2 – 9 episodes

  • Summary

In this season, we meet Maxine “Max” Mayfield in Hawkins. We also learn that the lab gets a new director, Dr. Sam Owens. And our main characters deal with a new monster called Mindflayer. The cliff-hanger from the first season left us wondering if Eleven is dead or alive. We soon learn that Eleven is alive, and she’s living with Hopper at his home. Will is traumatized by the Upside-Down world, and he has Mindflayer in his mind at all times. Owens helps Joyce – Will’s mother – to help him, and he gives him some routine tests.

Lucas finds Max interesting. Dustin finds a weird creature in his house and names him Dart. Mike still believes that Eleven is alive, and he tries to get in touch with her. Jonathan and Nancy are dealing with Barb’s death, and they’re trying to tell her parents about it. Hopper is too overprotective, and Eleven gets frustrated, and she manages to escape from the cabin. She tries to meet with Mike, but she catches him arguing with Max, and she believes they are dating.

In the meantime, Eleven meets her biological mother, and she then learns that she was not the only one in that lab. She uses her telekinesis powers, and she gets in contact with Eight and goes to Chicago to meet her. She finds out that Brenner is alive, and Eight wants to kill him, so she gets back to Hawkins.

Owens talks to Barb’s parents and tells them that their daughter died in the Upside-Down world. Nancy records him and then sends it for the news.

Dustin finds out that Dart is actually a baby Demogorgon. Will gets possessed by the Mind Flayer.

Sheriff Hopper finds a tunnel to the upside down world but gets trapped inside.

Lucas, Max, Dustin, and Stever try to get Dart into the junkyard, but Dart comes with friends, attacking the group. They get to the lab, and the creatures start to ruin the lab.

Joyce sedates Will, and eventually, he gets rid of the virus.

Eleven helps in killing the creature, and they manage to close the gate of the upside-down world. Will is saved from Mind Flayer.

Eleven is now Jane Hopper. Mike kisses Eleven, and Max kissed Lucas.

We soon learn that Mind Flayer is still alive.

  • Episodes


S2E2 – Trick or Treat, Freak

S2E3 – The Pollywog

S2E4 – Will the Wise

S2E5 – Dig Dug

S2E6 – The Spy

S2E7 – The Lost Sister

S2E8 – The Mind Flayer

S2E9 – The Gate

Season 3 – 8 episodes

  • Summary

In this season, we meet new faces –  Dr. Alexie, who is a young Russian scientist. We also meet Luca’s younger sister Erica, Scott Clarke, science teacher, and we learn more about our characters.

We see Russian people experimenting on a machine that can open the gate to the upside down world. But because Eleven’s power is so strong, the device cannot open the gate, and it is destroyed.

Kids grew up. Mike and Eleven are dating and are head over heels in love. Lucas is dating Max, and Will just wants to play D&D just like they used to back in the day. Dustin has a new girlfriend, Suzie.

Jonathan and Nancy are both interns at Hawkins Post. Jonathan is a photographer, but Nancy is just serving coffees.

We see a new mall opening us in Hawkins – “StarCourt,” and Steve works there with his classmate, Robin, at an ice cream shop.

Joyce is alone, and Hopper doesn’t really like how close Mike and Eleven are. Billy now works as an Instructor at Pool and flirts with Mrs. Wheeler.

A big outage happens in Hawkins. As a result, rats are all over the town now, and Will feels that the Mindflayer is back again. Billy crashes his car, and he is possessed by Mindflayer.

Hopper starts to threaten Mike to stop seeing Eleven as much, and he lies to her when she asks him to meet. They eventually break up. Hopper asks Joyce on a date, but Joyce has another problem on her plate.

Nancy wants the respect of the people she works with, so she decides to investigate the problem with the rats on her own. Together with Jonathan, they interview Mrs. Driscoll, who happened to be the one to capture the rat that was possessed by Mindflayer.

Billy captures Heather, another lifeguard, and her parents, and possess them and makes a team.

In the meantime, Dustin invents a certain type of radio in order to communicate with his girlfriend. While doing so, he intercepts a mysterious message. Steve and Robin help him decode the message. We learn from the message that Starcourt is the front that’s used by Russians to receive shipments and conduct different experiments.

Dustin, Steve, and Robin ask Erica, Lucas’ sister, to enter the vent and give them access to the room that has the shipments. They found a mysterious liquid.

Eleven spies on Billy. She manages to capture him in a power sauna, since Mindflayer cannot be in the heat, and she learns the truth about Billy.

Joyce and Hopper search the lab, and someone attacks them. Hopper beats him, and the Mayor confesses that Starcourt is Russian front. They meet a Russian Scientist called Alexei, and someone attacks them yet again. They manage to escape. They learn that Russians have infiltrated the town and that they are trying to open the gate of the upside down world.

When they’re trying to escape from the elevator, Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica are caught by Russian men. Dustin and Erica manage to escape, but Steve and Robin are being interrogated. The Russians give them liquid serum drugs, which will get them to tell the truth. All of them manage to escape eventually.

Eleven, Mike, Max, Lucas, Will, Nancy, and Jonathan get to the hospital to rescue Mrs. Driscol, who has been possessed. They think it might lead them to Mindflayer, but other possessed people attack the group. Eleven saves them. She also looks into Billy’s mind and finds his unpossessed memory of the beach.

The Mindflayer starts attacking the group, and it bites Eleven’s leg. They escape and try to find things to heal the infected bite.

Russian men come after Alexei and shoot him for being a traitor, and Joyce, Hopper, and Murray reunite with the group at the mall. They make a plan to kill the Mindflayer – they need to close the gate again.

The infection spreads, and Jonathan needs to cut Eleven’s leg. Eleven manages to remove all the infected area from her body, but after that, her power stops working.

Billy makes Eleven unconscious, and he gives her to the Mindflayer so he can possess her. But Eleven manages to trigger his beach memory, and he sacrifices himself in order to save her.

Russian men come after Joyce, Hopper, and Murray, and Hopper manages to kill them by putting them into a machine. But Hopper does not have enough time to remove himself from there, and he sacrifices himself while Joyce closes the gate. The Mindflayer dies. An explosion happens, and it kills Hopper.

Eleven lost her powers. Hopper left her a letter in which he wrote how much he loved her. Mike and Eleven confess their love for each other. Joyce takes Eleven with her, and together with Will and Jonathan, they all leave Hawkins.

Of course, this season also has a cliff-hanger. Some Russian guards are at a secret facility, and they pick up a prisoner. We can hear them say No, Not the American.” Is the American Hooper? We will learn in season 4.

  • Episodes

S3E1- Suzie, Do You Copy?

S3E2 – The Mall Rats

S3E3 – The Case of the Missing Lifeguard

S3E4 – The Sauna Test

S3E5 – Dig Dug

S3E6 – The Flayed

S3E7 – The Bite

S3E8 – The Battle of Starcourt



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