Subway Surfers: Tips and Tricks to Survive

Subway Surfers is probably the most popular running game out there, so it’s normal that people are asking how to play it better. We all want to avoid being caught, so we have written this article to give you some tips on how to survive the game.

Move combos

If you know how to use them, there are some fantastic move combinations, which can help you a lot when the game starts to get faster and crowded. These moves will help you get more coins or will help you stop jumping when going head-first into a train.

Jump + right / jump + right + right =  dash to the right in mid-air

Jump + left / jump + left + left = dash to the left in mid-air

Jump + Roll = stops you from jumping, then you instantly go into a Roll

Roll + Jump = stops you from rolling, then you instantly go into a Jump


If you’re close to dying in the game, you might want to use a hoverboard in the last possible moment, when you think you’re going to run into something. Just double-tap and activate the hoverboard to save your game.

These skateboards also keep the game interesting. There are some different kinds, and most can last up to 30 seconds before they disappear. But some of them are permanent, but you will need to pay for them with coins. Some of them are limited editions that have already expired. If you want to get them, you might want to change the time and date on your smartphone, then get what you want, then change the time and date back to normal. We believe you should not invest real money in hoverboards, but we believe that you should take power-ups since they will help you progress in the game. They are merely great for using the last mine in order to trick death and avoid starting all over.

Use your power-ups wisely

If you know which power-ups to use and when to use them will give you a lot of success. The main power-ups are jetpacks, with which you can fly and dodge obstacles, super sneakers, with which you can run fast, the coin magnets, which collect the coins around you, and the 2x Multipliers, which double your score.

In the beginning, you might want to use magnets and jetpacks if you want to gain coins and buy new items. When you get better, try to use the 2x Multiplier and the super sneakers. If you upgrade them, you will run faster, jump higher, and even win more.

The floor is lava

Do you remember that game you used to play as a kid with the floor is lava, and you cannot touch the floor? This is the best strategy in the game. It can get you far as long as you’re staying at the top of the trains and use power-ups that allow you to fly. If you do this as much as possible, it might be safer than staying on the ground.  And if you’re also using the coin magnet, then you can attract many coins which are both on the ground and on the train, without actually risking to lose.






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