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Subway Surfers – Version 2.4.0 Update Available with New Improvements

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular games for smartphones of all time. It is an endless runner co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, two companies from Denmark.

The game is available on many platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle, and it works with the Unity game engine.

Players control various young graffiti artists, who have to run through endless railroad tracks to escape a train inspector and his loyal dog that chase them for the act of spraying graffiti (tagging) on a metro site.

As the characters run, they grab various power-ups and useful items, alongside gold coins that aid them throughout their future playthroughs.

There are special events that boost rewards or offer unique items or characters.

Latest Version

The game reached version 2.4.0.

Here are the official patch notes for the newest version:

“★ The Subway Surfers World Tour goes to the iconic Little Rock!

★ Meet the charming surfer Jack, the latest Subway Surfers member

★ Unlock Jack’s stylish Dapper Outfit

★ Cruise through the bright and beautiful streets of Little Rock on the new Betty board

★ Explore the forests of Arkansas and collect Urban Spraycan tokens”.

Updating The Game

To update the game, you can either let your phone do it automatically or do it manually. If you have disabled auto-updates, you should consider turning them back on. Alternatively, if you insist on keeping them off, you can open Google Play or Apple’s App Store and search for the game. An update button should be available.

Make sure that you install the latest updates for all apps from secure, reliable sources!

Installing an app from an unknown source, like a third-party app market, can result in downloading malware-filled apps or even having your device hacked, which you want to avoid.



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