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Super Nintendo World Theme Park: We Are Finally Getting One in the States

This Nintendo theme park will be part of Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe attraction.

Super Nintendo World theme park will make its appearance soon, according to Universal Studios.

Universal Studio has had in mind for a while to build this Epic Universe, and the Nintendo park will take part in it. Every fan is excited about it, especially since we’ve all seen the trailers for Super Nintendo World Osaka. In just two years from now, Nintendo fans can go meet the park’s interactive world without having to go to Japan.

We have heard rumors about Nintendo wanting to expand the theme park to the Universal Studios Hollywood, in Orlando and Singapore, but we have an official announcement, guys, coming from Comcast!

This first attraction is under construction at Universal Studios Osaka, and it was scheduled for Summer 2020 to be launched. Besides all the attractions, we’ve also heard that fans will get to use “Power Up Bands” that connect to the official app, which is supposed to make you feel like you’re part of the actual game world.

Comcast has confirmed these pieces of news during their Q4 earnings call, saying that they’re confident that Nintendo can gather fans to their parks. They chose Nintendo due to the fact that they did one research about the people who would come to the park, and it seems that Nintendo won the race. It’s next to Harry Potter.

We know we have to wait for about two years, but it’s better than having to book a flight to Japan. We are sure that the wait is worth for all the fans out there. This park is bound to be a success.




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