android 11

Android 11: Latest Update Comes With Amazing Tweaks and Improvements

This week’s release of the final build of Android 11 comes with no major new attractions but rather several modest ones that should delight most users. Owners of Google Pixel…

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Android 11 Has Changed Its Menu: Here’s What It Looks Like Now

Android 11 was supposed to be released on the 3rd of June, but they decided to postpone it. But we have learned an exciting thing about it. According to some…

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Android 11 Beta 1 Has Some Amazing Features

We all know that the first Android 11 developer preview has been released back in February. And then, it came Preview 1, then Preview 2, then Preview 3, and then Preview 4. Google was…

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The Release Date for Android 11 Has Been Delayed Because of the Protests in Minnesota

Google released the first beta version of Android 11 just a few weeks ago. We’re talking about the preview, which comes before the formal introduction of the brand–new Android version. Usually, the reveal happens in May. However, the first public beta often hits the market a few…

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android 11 dp4

Android 11 DP4 Brings PiP Improvements and UI Changes

Google has released a brand new version of its developer preview before the release of the beta for more people. This new version is Android 11 Developer Preview 4 (Android…

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