The New Coronavirus Might Have Appeared Due To Pangolins Smuggling In China

Over the past years, illegal shipments of pangolins have been happening in China, as per a report on BGR. Pangolins are mammals known to have been caring viruses similar to…

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Apple Factories In China Reopen, But The Demand Might Be Low Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

China gets back in track and reopens its economy after months of struggling and fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Apple Inc’s iPhone factories are ready, too, to take new orders and…

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Plague Inc. Was Removed by the Chinese Government Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Chinese government has deleted the epidemic game Plague Inc. from Steam and all app Stores. Plague Inc. is a simulation game based on incredibly realistic events. Players must wipe…

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The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Could Profoundly Impact Political and Economic Powers Around the World

Amid a great deal of uncertainty regarding the spread and case fatality of the novel coronavirus, named COVID-19, national security organizers all over the world are using a tough-minded geopolitical…

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Researchers Say a Sudden Cut in Air Pollution Could Speed Up Climate Change

Sudden cuts to air pollution in Europe and Asia could trigger a short-term increase in temperatures and rainfall, new research published on March 5th by experts from Reading University, says. Scientists have…

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