Arson Attacks Were Carried on 5G Masts Due to Their Association With Coronavirus Spread

Three arson attacks on 5G masts were reported to have taken place in the United Kingdom during the past week, as per CNBS and other journals. The reason for the torching is…

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The New Coronavirus Might Have Appeared Due To Pangolins Smuggling In China

Over the past years, illegal shipments of pangolins have been happening in China, as per a report on BGR. Pangolins are mammals known to have been caring viruses similar to…

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Apple Factories In China Reopen, But The Demand Might Be Low Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

China gets back in track and reopens its economy after months of struggling and fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Apple Inc’s iPhone factories are ready, too, to take new orders and…

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Google Maps Adds a New Feature: The “Temporarily Closed” Option for Businesses Shut Down During Lockdown

Many of the businesses out there rely on Google Maps in order to show their clients the locations of the business. However, because of the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have…

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Pregnant Women Can Transmit COVID-19 To Their Babies

COVID-19 pandemic, due to the new coronavirus, has infected millions of people around the world ever since its outbreak, last November. Scientists have discovered that the virus spreads through different…

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