The Sims 5: Do We Have an Official Release Date?

We all know how successful The Sims really is. It is one of the most impressive games out there for both old players and new players. It’s safe to say that the franchise had sold around 200 million copies all…

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The Sims 5 Full Leaks and Rumors – Massive Hit When Released

However, we might be years away from the release of the game because The Sims 4 is still doing well sales-wise, and players love it. Maxis and Electronic Arts are…

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the sims 5

The Sims 5 Availability for more Platforms and Massive Multiplayer Features Awaited

As the gaming world is still enjoying The Sims 4, a sequel for the life-simulation game is on its way to the market. No disrespect for The Sims 4, as…

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‘The Sims 5’: Here Is Where You Can Play It

After six years, we are finally getting a new Sims game. It has been in works for quite some time, but the sequel to 2014’s The Sims 4 is on its way…

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The Sims 5

The Sims 5 Rumors – It Might Not Launch Until Next Year

The Sims 4 is one of the most popular simulators released by Maxis and EA, attracting millions of people along all over the world. Millions of people bought the game…

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