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Telegram 5.13.0 Update Comes With New Additions

Telegram is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. Boasting millions of active users per day, the application is perhaps the most secure, private, and easy-to-use chatting platform out there.

The incredibly popular app managed to attract its numerous user base thanks to its great user interface and its features. In addition, Telegram is widely renown these days in comparison to other messaging applications that offer similar functionalities because of its developers who are always ensuring people with updates that pack performance improvements, bug fixes, and bring more features to the app.

The latest release, Telegram 5.13.0 update, has been rolled out, and it comes with numerous cool additions.

Telegram 5.13.0 Update is Now Available

The new year hasn’t got the chance to settle in yet, and Telegram users got a new update! The release, Telegram 5.13.0 update, is currently rolling out via over-the-air (OTA) channels.

This means users don’t have to do anything to make sure the update gets to them but to have their mobile phones connected to a stable Internet network, and the update will automatically download on the device.

What’s New

Users of this amazing app are aware of the fact that the majority of updates Telegram receives are typically bringing bug fixes and improvements in the software. The Telegram 5.13.0 update is also coming with 31 new bug fixes and other improvements.

In addition, it brings users the possibility to create themes with color gradients and patterns, switch to Night Mode and back to Light Mode straight from the left menu, get dark maps when using the Night Mode, as well as choose venues easily when sharing their location.

Also, the new update allows users to schedule messages they want to send when the recipient comes online, and choose a video quality in a more intuitive way when sending them. Finally, the release brings in new animations that can be seen by dragging down the user profiles or jumping between messages in a chat.



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