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Telegram Brings Exciting New Features

Who said that the world of video calling apps ends with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger? Telegram is another great alternative, and its 400 million monthly active users can confirm it. The service is cloud-based and it has both security and speed as main priorities.

But Telegram users are getting even more good news, as the app just got exciting new features several days ago. They’ve all began to roll out, and you should see them running on your smartphone soon if you have the app installed.

Pinned messages, live location 2.0, and more

With the new update, Telegram has new features like multiple pinned messages, live location 2.0, as well as a music playlist sharing option. Let’s not also forget about a new channel post stats feature for the channel admins and for tracking the performance of a specific message shared.

The multiple pinned messages feature allows users to pin multiple messages with a single tap. The feature became available for channel and group admins, and it allows a member to tap and switch to different texts.

An official statement says:

“Now there is no need to pin a single long message to gain the attention of the members to important communications as admins can divide it into multiple smaller versions. Moreover, Telegram has enabled this feature for a one-on-one chat in addition to the Groups and Channels. There is a button available on the top right corner of the chat section, users can click to see all the pinned messages together on a separate page,”

The live location 2.0 is also a nice feature that notifies users whenever a person comes close to them after he or she shared his/her location. Users can set the alert as per the distance.

Are you also excited about the new Telegram features? Feel free to tell us in a comment below which one is your personal favorite!



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