Telegram vs. WhatsApp – Which One Should You Choose?

Telegram and WhatsApp are some of the most used messaging platforms across the world.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, which was recently criticized because of a data breach and the inability to curb the spread of fake news on its platforms.

Telegram also had its fair share of problems, especially dealing with legal issues for refusing private encryption keys.

Which App Should You Choose?

The two apps have unique views regarding their users’ privacy and data.

If you are primarily concerned about your privacy, you should pick Telegram.

However, WhatsApp isn’t too far behind!

Both apps have a lot in common, including sticker support and picture-in-picture viewing modes.

However, each app has its particularities.

To simplify it, we are going to show you the advantages of both apps:

Telegram Advantages

Telegram features end-to-end encryption that allows users to set a timer on messages to self-destruct after a period.

On Telegram, you receive a notification if the person you’re talking to took a screenshot of the conversation.

Telegram has bots capable of AI and machine learning that allows them to perform various tasks.

Telegram has cloud storage that keeps your images, texts, and other media stored safely.

Telegram’s cloud capabilities mean that users no longer have to be always concerned about backing up their data.

Telegram doesn’t impose a limit on the number of people in a channel, and it features custom media compressing options.

WhatsApp Advantages

WhatsApp has the advantage of the popularity. There are approximately eight times more users on WhatsApp than Telegram, which means that it’s likely to find most of your friends and relatives online and ready to chat.

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption for all chats (Telegram has that feature only for secret conversations).

WhatsApp features reliable voice and video call options.

Whatsapp features confirmation for delivery and message read status from other users.

The choice is yours!

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